Stone Circles

3 Sites.

-Grange, Circle C, Co. Limerick.
-Grange, Circle D, Co. Limerick. 
-Grange Lios, Co. Limerick.

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Stone Groups

-Coolbaun, Standing Stones, 'The Graves of the Leinstermen,' Co. Tipperary.
-Cullaun, Standing Stones Co. Tipperary.
-Knappogue, Standing Stones, Co. Clare.
-Timoneyhills, Standing Stones Co. Tipperary.

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Stone Rows

-Carrigeen, stone row, Co. Tipperary.

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Stone Pairs

-Knockmore, Co. Tipperary.

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Holed Stones

-Aghade, holed stone (Cloc an Phoill), Co. Carlow.
-Castledermot, Ecclesiastical Complex, Co. Kildare. (possible holed stone)

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-Aghaboe, Co. Laois.
-Ballycuneen, Standing Stone, Co. Clare.
-Ballyhogan, Rath and Stone, Co. Tipperary.
-Barabaha, Ring-Barrow and Standing Stone, Co. Tipperary.
-Baurnadomeeny, Co. Tipperary. 
-Cairn N and Standing Stone, Loughcrew, Co. Meath. 
-Clonfertmulloe/Kyle, Standing Stone Co. Laois. 
-Craans, Standing Stone, Co. Carlow. 
-Craddockstown West, Standing Stone, Co. Kildare.
-Glenafelly, Standing Stone, Co. Offaly.
-Knockalton/Lisbunny, Standing Stone, Co. Tipperary.

-The Long Stone, Punchestown, Co. Kildare.
-Lough Gur, Standing Stone, Co. Limerick.
-Misgaun Meva, Standing Stone, Toberrory, Co. Roscommon. 
-Newtown, Skirk, Co. Laois.

-The Pillar Stone, Co. Limerick.
-The Stone of the Tree, Co. Limerick.

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Standing Stones

-Holed stones 

-Ogham stones

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Ringforts, Crannogs, Hut Sites and Hill-Forts


-Hut Sites

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-Barbaha, Co. Tipperary.
-Carrowreagh, Co. Laois.
-Clashagad, Rath, Co. Offaly.
-Little Curragh I, Barrow and Rath, Co. Kildare. 
-Rathurles, Rath (and Church), Co. Tipperary.
-Rathurles, Rath, Co. Tipperary.

-Relignaree, Rath and Souterrain, Co. Roscommon.
-Stooagh, Rath, Co. Laois. 

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-Mooghaun, Co. Clare.

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Barrows, Cairns and Tumuli.

25 sites
-Barbaha, Ring-Barrow and Standing Stone, Co. Tipperary.
-Carrowreagh, Barrows, Co. Laois. (2 sites) 
-Duntryleague, Cairn, Co. Limerick.
-Forelacka, Tumulus, Co. Offaly. 
-Gorraun, Ring-Barrow, Co. Offaly.
-Gorteen, Cairn, Co. Offaly.
-Greatheath, Ring-Barrow, Co. Laois.
-Heapstown, Cairn, Co. Sligo. 
-Little Curragh, Barrow Cemetery, Co. Kildare. (11 sites) 
-Mileen Meva, Mound, Toberrory, Co. Roscommon.
-Rathbeg, Ring-Barrow, Toberrory, Co. Roscommon.
-Rath Cruachan, Mound, Toberrory, Co. Roscommon.
-Rathmore, Mound, Moneylea, Co. Roscommon. 
-Rathnadarve, Ring-Barrow, Glenballythomas, Co. Roscommon.

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-Bolin Island, Co. Limerick.