Guest Posts

Welcome to the guest posts page. This is a new feature of The Standing Stone where once a month there will be a post by a guest. We have an exciting array of people lined up over the next few months from archaeologists to bloggers to writers, all giving a unique perspective. The guidelines are simple, pick one archaeological site and they can write whatever they want!

October, 2016: “A moated site or a bastion fort? A geophysical investigation of an archaeological site at Doonfore, Co. Sligo.” by Sally Siggins.

April, 2016: "The Archaeological Landscape of Leean Mountain, Co. Leitrim" by Thorsten Kahlert and Tatjana Kytmannow.

March, 2016: "Dúnán Padraig - the Midden Island of SligoBay" by Dr. James Bonsall. 

January, 2016: "Researching a Tower House" by J.G. O'Donoghue. 

December 2015: "Shrule Castle" by Máirtín D'Alton.
                          - Response by Catherine Casey.

November 2015: "Pilgrimage at Kilgeever Co Mayo" by Louise Nugent.

October 2015: "Oweynagat from Torch Lights to Structured Light - Tracking interest in the 'Cave of Cruachan' from antiquarian interest to scientific survey" by Gary Dempsey.

September 2015: "At Newgrange, the Past Resonates" by Patti Mahan-Welsh.

August 2015: "Chamber-towers not ‘hall-houses’! Time to accept the change" by Dr. Karen Dempsey.

July 2015: "A tale of the Wexford Knight Templars and their medieval settlements at Kilcloggan and Templetown, Hook Head, Co Wexford." by Dolores Kearney.

June 2015: "Labbacallee: 'The Old Hag's Bed'" by Philip Powell.

May 2015: "Rathurles and surrounds - A forgotten royal complex and a previously unrecognised henge?" by Derek Ryan Bawn.

April 2015: "St. Fiacc and Sletty," by Sean Murray.

We are very grateful at The Standing Stone for the contribution of every guest-author. Each author has expressed their own opinion which does not necessarily reflect that of those held by us at The Standing Stone.