1.    Is this a blog or a website?  It’s a bit of both.  It started out as a simple blog to document all the places I visit but I soon realised that people would only read the most recent posts so I made a home page and made it into more of a normal website. I had a lot of help with this from various people so a big thank you to all those who helped me set this up.

2.    Do you really visit all these places?  Yes I do and quite often drag someone along with me.

3.    There’s a historical site near me, would you put it on your website?
  Sure, let me know.  No promises though.

4.    Can I advertise on your website?  No.

5.    Can you put me in contact with the owner of a certain historical site?  If I have contact details and if the site owner is ok with having contact details given out then yes but generally I do not have contact details for people and can’t just hand them out.

6.    Can I follow you on Twitter?  Yes you can.  After a few people asking me this I am now on Twitter and can keep you posted on when new sites are loaded up and when I’m visiting a site.  There is a link in the side bar near the bottom.

7.    Can I follow you in a reader?  Yes. Again, see the side bar.

8.    Is there a map on your site with all the locations listed on it?
  At last, yes there is.  This has been the most common request I have had and I’ve finally set this up although I’m still in the process of loading places onto it. It can seen here.

9.    Why don’t you cover all of Ireland?  It’s because I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. I started with 2 counties and now cover many more so the focus of the site is growing and I will continue to add more counties.  I want to avoid spreading myself too thin so I only add counties when I feel I have enough covered in other places.

10.    What counties will you be adding next?  I like to add counties that are bordering ones I already cover and Kilkenny seems like the next step.  After that Meath, Wicklow and Galway are all possibilities.  Following those three I plan on adding Cork and Kerry.

11.    Can you help me find out information on my family tree? Unfortunately, no. This website is primarily about places of historical interest in Ireland and does not offer genealogical services.

12. Can I use your images? All the images used on this website are my own unless otherwise stated and are therefore my intellectual property. For research purposes images can be used for free provided appropriate credit is given and I know about it. I will send un-watermarked hi-res originals. For commercial purposes I do charge a fee which varies depending on what the image will be used for. 

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