Cloncourse Castle, Co. Laois.
The Standing Stone was started in 2009 by Dr. Thomas P. Nelligan to keep a record of his various travels to historical sites around Ireland. Thomas has a PhD from the University of Limerick and specialises in ancient Greek literature – this research was published in 2015. On Irish history and archaeology Thomas has written for Archaeology Ireland, and Heritage Ireland magazines, as well the Laois Heritage Society Journal. He has presented research at the Weather Beaten Archaeology Conference held in IT Sligo, and the Digital Heritage Conference in Maynooth. He works as a guide for the OPW.

María Nelligan is a former tour guide who is passionate about photography and graphic design and has significantly contributed to the look of the website. Thomas and María live together with their two children in the midlands of Ireland. 

While the website is largely focused on the midlands of Ireland, it is hoped to eventually cover the entire country. 

All the images on this website belong to The Standing Stone. If you require use of an image, then please contact us using the tab above. 

This website could not have been made without the help of many wonderful people. In particular we wish to recognise the help of John Shelton, Phil McClean, and Vispi Shroff. 

This website is dedicated to Michael Nelligan (1945-2010), who was there for so many of the early journeys.