Ballinlough, Standing Stone, Co. Tipperary.

Location – About 3km south-east of Toomyvara in isolated farmland. 

OS: R 99298 74741 (map 59)

Longitude: -8.0111461

Latitude: 52.823904

Description and History – This standing stone now sits as part of a modern field boundary, next to two large modern farm buildings at the edge of a field. In the summer months it can be quite overgrown. The area is quite isolated and mountainous. The stone is 2.3m high and is orientated NE-SW. It is known locally as the ‘Long Stone’. There is folklore attached to the stone that it is one of the Devil’s teeth. This is connected to the legend of the Devilsbit Mountain, not located that far away. The legend says that the Devil, in trying to elude St. Patrick, transformed into a giant and took a bite out of the top of a mountain and in doing so broke his teeth which fell out of his mouth. This stone, in folklore, is one of those teeth. The bite the Devil took according to the legend is now the Rock of Cashel.

This is a nice standing stone, which forms part of a much larger ancient landscape, and it is sat to see it neglected and just part of a field boundary. There is a ring-barrow in the field opposite and two are likely connected. I didn't realise there was a barrow there at the time and never photographed it. 

Difficulty – While the area is isolated the stone is easy to find and is right on the side of the road. There is ample space to park a car. 

Date of Visit – 19th June, 2010. 

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