Ardcrony, Tower House, Co. Tipperary.

Location – In the village of Ardcrony, N of Nenagh on the N52. The tower is attached to the church.
OS: R 896 871 (map 59)
Longitude: 8° 9' 16.88" W
Latitude: 52° 56' 4.78" N

Description and History – Although ruined this tower house is quite nice.  It has a particularly unusual feature in that there is a carved human face on one of the corbel supports for a now missing bartizan.  The W wall of the tower house has now collapsed but a spiral stairs still survives up the first floor in the NE corner of the tower.  A barrel vault survives over the first floor and there is a small room with a barrel vault on the ground floor also.  The Civil Survey of 1654-56 describes the castle in ruins.  Daniel Hogan (I am assuming he is part of the O’Hogan family who patronised the adjoining church) is listed as the proprietor in 1640.  I may have just been seeing shapes in the rocks but I am convinced there is a carved head on the spiral staircase that has been overlooked. It is located just where the stairs end.  This is a nice little ruin that is well worth the visit.

Difficulty – The site is in a well kept graveyard so is very easy to get to.  Take care if you ascend the steps of the castle.  They are small and narrow and not very stable.

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View as you enter the graveyard.
The surviving E wall.
The tower from the W.

A close up of the castle interior.

The remaining corbels.  Note the carved human face.

Is this a very weathered human face?