St. Kieran’s Church, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

Location – As you pass by St. Kevin’s cross and St. Kevin’s church you will find this on the left-hand side of the path.
OS: T 122 967 (map 56)
GPS: T 12265 96770 (Accuracy – 2m)
Longitude: 6° 19' 37.98" W
Latitude: 53° 0' 35.63" N

Description and History – This is the smallest structure at the site, and the most ruined and was unknown about until 1875 when it was found beneath a pile of earth and stone. It consists of a nave and chancel and there is evidence of a now missing sacristy. All that remains are the foundations and short portions of wall. The earliest date given, based on the present remains, is no earlier than the 11th century. It is called St. Kieran’s church as it may have been erected to honour the St. Kieran of Clonmacnoise, who died at least 500 years before its construction. 

Difficulty – A little hard to spot, but if you follow the directions above, you’ll have no problem finding it. 

There really isn't much left.

The nave.

The nave as seen from the chancel.

The remains of an altar.