Lough Gur, Standing Stone, Co. Limerick.

Location – Located at Lough Gur crossroads on the way around to the visitors centre. OS: R 655 405 (map 65) Longitude: 8° 30' 29.34" W Latitude: 52° 30' 51.09" N GPS: R65506 40424 (Accuracy: 7m) See map at the bottom of the page. Description and History – This standing stone is somewhat unusual and there really is little to say about it. It is now wedged between a garden wall and a fence. If you didn’t know it was there you could easily pass it by. It is about 1.4m high and 1.6m wide and is very thin. If it wasn’t overshadowed by everything around it then it would be much more impressive. There were two cats sat on it when I arrived and there were about 3 more sleeping in its shadow. I has been suggested that this may have been part of a larger structure at some point. Difficulty – Easy to get to and to be honest you don’t even need to get out of your car. For more standing stones, click here. For more sites around Lough Gur, click here. For more sites in Limerick, click here.
Viewed from the rear.
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