Little Curragh, Barrow Cemetery, Co. Kildare.

This is a great site, or as I should say, sites.  There are multiple barrows here ranging from the tiny to the huge all across Little Curragh, NE of Kildare town.  I saw 10 barrows on the day I was there but there are many more there that I will have to search for.  Some are unfortunately lost under bushes until they are cleared but many are out in the open and easy to get to.  The numbering I have adopted here follows that of ‘The Modern Antiquarian’ and ‘Megalithomania’ for these barrows.  It will be easier for those of you reading about these barrows at those two sites as well.  There are five large barrows and some smaller ones.  Some are clustered together and appear to be satellites of the larger ones.  I visited the barrows in reverse order going from six to one and although this is in reverse order it is easier to view them this was because of parking.  There are two parking options.  Firstly you can park N of the Little Curragh at OS: N 754 144 or you can park at the end of the track way that runs from OS: N 740 145to OS: N 749 144 .  From here you can start at six and work your way around to one.  I would recommend the use of a GPS to work your way around here because some of the barrows are so small and so worn away that they are hard to spot.

Click below to view the barrows:
Little Curragh I
Little Curragh II
Little Curragh III
Little Curragh IV
Little Curragh V
Little Curragh VI

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