Little Curragh VI, Barrow, Co. Kildare.

Location – This is the Northern most of the barrows and is clearly visible from Little Curragh V.
OS: N 751 144 (map 55)
GPS: N 75075 14416 (Accuracy – 5m)
Longitude  6° 52' 37.65" W
Latitude  53° 10' 29.84" N

Description and History – This is a large barrow like Little Curragh V and is about 15m in diameter.  It is a little overgrown in places and could do with being cleared up but the bank and fosse are both well preserved and central area is raised.  With a little care this would be a really nice barrow.

Difficulty – Easy to spot and get to.  This barrow is a good place to start viewing all the barrows on Little Curragh.

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