Little Curragh III, Barrow, Co. Kildare.

Location – Next to one of the military earthworks.
OS:  N 745 140 (map 55)
Longitude:   6° 53' 8.84" W
Latitude:  53° 10' 16.66" N
GPS: N 74553 13967 (Accuracy 5m)

Description and History – This barrow was one of the nicest on the Little Curragh apart from the one bush that will inevitably take over the site.  It is about 15m in diameter with a well preserved bank and fosse that is about 1.2m deep and wide.  This barrow has a causewayed entrance, although the one at Little Curragh V is better preserved and grander in my opinion. It is a shame that this nice barrow is dominated by the modern military earthwork but I suppose in a millennium people will set out to see these earthworks and wonder about them in the same way we wonder about the barrows.

Difficulty – Easy enough to spot and find.  Just head to the military earthworks.  You get a nice view of them from the top of the earthworks.

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Panoramic shot of the entire barrow.

Taken from the top of one the military earthworks.