St. Fintan's Well and Bullaun Stone, Cromogue, Co. Laois.

Location – About 180m south of St. Fintan’s Church, near Parkavilla off the R430.

OS: S 39374 89765

Longitude: -7.4147750

Latitude: 52.957477

Description and History – This well is dedicated to St. Fintan who resided at the nearby St. Fintan’s Church before relocating to Clonenagh. His feast day is on 17th February and the well is often visited on this day. Pebbles from here are thought to act against accidental death and shipwrecks. A bullaun stone sits nearby, and this is often an indicator of the antiquity of a site. However, the well itself has a modern surround, as is often the case. 

Difficulty – The roads are narrow around here so do take it easy, but it is relatively easy to find and get around.

Date of visit: 14th October, 2010.

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The view of the well as you enter. 
The modern shrine that collects the water from the natural spring.

The modern statue of St. Fintan. 

The natural spring.

The bullaun stone.