The Stone of the Tree, Grange, Co. Limerick.

Location – Located about 75m S of the main circle at Grange and is clearly visible from there. It is in the next field and there is a gap in the hedge there. OS: R 633 403 (map 65) Longitude: 8° 32' 25.23" W Latitude: 52° 30' 47.44" N GPS: R 63320 40327 (Accuracy 5m) Description and History – This standing stone is about 1.5m tall and is orientated NE-SW and maybe in line with the summer solstice along with the circle, judging by its alignment. The stone has mythical associations and is said to represent the mythical tree that grows at the bottom of the nearby Lough. I can’t seem to find much more out about this stone but it is clearly related to the stone circle nearby in my opinion and I would like to see if it is aligned as well. A stone like this, so close to the main circle, is very interesting. Difficulty – Easy to spot from the main circle and easy to get to across the field. Keep an eye out for cattle of course. For more standing stones, click here. For more sites around Lough Gur, click here. For more sites in Co. Limerick, click here.
Looking NE along the possible alignment.

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