Cairn I, Carnbane West, Loughcrew, Co. Meath.

Location – Another satellite tomb to cairn L and probably the first that you will encounter on Carnbane West.
OS: N 571 773 (map 42)
GPS: N 57125 77350 (Accuracy – 4m)
Longitude: 7° 8' 2.79" W
Latitude: 53° 44' 33.47" N

See map at the bottom of the page.

Description and History – Another smaller tomb measuring 54.7m in circumference and 19m in diameter with about 10 kerb stones remaining. The design of this tomb is similar to that of cairn L with 7 chambers and many decorated stones. Five of the chambers contain flagstone bottoms and ashes were found on top of and underneath four of them. Cairn T is visible from the entrance to the chamber making that the focal point of the tomb. The decoration in this tomb is remarkable and similar, in places, to the decorated stone in cairn F with zig-zag designs. One of the kerb stones is horned and reminiscent of the Hag’s Chair in the kerb of cairn T. Considering that cairn T appears to the object of focus for cairn I this is likely to be very deliberate. As with many tombs at Carnbane West this tomb has a solar alignment about two weeks before a major alignment, this time being the autumn equinox. The sun rises over cairn T emphasising its importance to the locality. 

Difficulty – Easy to find as it is close to cairn L. 

This kerb stone has a similar profile to the Hag's Chair on Cairn T. 

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