Craddockstown West, Standing Stone, Co. Kildare.

Location – Opposite Punchestown racecourse in a large crop field. It is only about half a mile from the Long Stone. They would be visible from each other if it wasn’t for the trees.
OS: N 912 163 (map 55)
Longitude 6° 38' 7.59" W
Latitude 53° 11' 21.67" N
I do have GPS co-ordinates for this site that I will post up soon. I left them in a book that I don’t have access to at the moment!
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Description and History – This stone is somewhat smaller than its sister stone (The Long Stone) but still stands to a height of 4m. This stone is somewhat leaning now unfortunately but yet I prefer it to the Long Stone as there is no ugly wooden fence built around. It is amazing that this stone has been left alone considering its closeness to the tallest stone in Ireland. It just goes to show that if there isn’t something special about it, it gets ignored. However, I think this stone is particularly special. It is dotted with bits of quartz and the grain of the stone played tricks on my mind and I kept thinking I could see shapes on the stone out of the corner of my mind. This stone is well worth the visit.

Difficulty – Like the Long Stone this can be tricky to get to as there is no obvious entrance to the field. There is a small bank next to the road, free from bushes that I climbed over and walked up the steady hill to the stone. This is a crop field so don’t damage crops and go either when the field is not being used or take care to walk along the tractor marks.

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Glimpsing the stone over the hedge.

As you approach the stone it sits on the crest of the hill.

The stone is full of interesting bits of quartz.

Just try and tell me that this isn't a phallic symbol!

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The Long Stone, Punchestown, Co. Kildare.

Location – Very close to Punchestown racecourse. It can be seen close to the road poking over the hedge rows. However, although you can visit this monument and it is signposted there is no clear access. I scrambled through the hedge and climbed the fence.

OS: N 917 165 (map 55)
Longitude 6° 37' 38.37" W
Latitude 53° 11' 29.04" N
GPS: N 91739 16540 (Accuracy: 5m)
See map at the bottom of the page.

Description and History – There is only one word for this stone and that is impressive. It is the largest standing stone in Ireland and stands at 5.5m tall which is shorter than its full height of 7m tall. It fell in 1933 and was erected the following year at a shorter height to make it more stable. A small cist tomb was found nearby at this time possibly indicating that this stone is a gravemarker. A small wooden fence now stands around it along with the official OPW sign which does detract from the beauty of this stone. In my opinion it should be removed.  However, this stone is still extremely impressive and stands like a huge pillar reaching in to the sky.

The stone had roots in Irish mythology and it is said that Fionn MacCumhall threw the stone to its present location from Allen hill. The stone first appears in a historical record in 1183 and is mentioned by Giraldus Cambrensis who took many tours of Ireland.

Difficulty – Easy enough find and see from the road but getting into the field can be a little tricky.

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