Clonfertmulloe/Kyle Standing Stone, Co. Laois.

Location – OS: S 233 902 (map54) – near Borris-in-Ossory.
Longitude: 7° 39' 11.59" W
Latitude: 52° 57' 43.61" N
GPS: S 23180 90130 (Elevation: 121m - Accuracy: 15m)

Description and History - The standing stone is located W of the cemetery and is 1.1m high, tapering towards the top. Damage has been done to the stone by cattle using it as a scratching post, which is a common problem. Another problem with monoliths in Ireland is that some are relatively modern and were erected in the 19th century by farmers as scratching posts. Some were also erected by landowners in an attempt to add artefacts to their land, which may be the case at Timoneyhills. The proximity to the cemetery and church would indicate that this is indeed an older stone as pre-Christian religious sites often became early Christian religious sites.  Also this stone has a N-S alignment with the flatter edge indicating this.

Difficulty - Easy to find and can be clearly seen from the cemetary.  A modern house has now been built at the site so seeing the stone is much easier.  You can get good views from the track leading to the house.  The owners of the house do not own the land where the stone is.  The owner lives at the first house on the left as you pass by the cemetary coming from the stone. 

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