Little Curragh Va, Barrow, Co. Kildare.

Location – Located to the W of Little Curragh V before you reach Little Curragh VI.  This one is hard to spot.
OS: N 750 144 (map 55)
GPS:  N 74987 14422 (2m)
Longitude  6° 52' 42.33" W
Latitude  53° 10' 30.01" N

Description and History – I used GPS co-ordinates to reach this barrow and I didn’t even realise I was stood in it when the GPS told me I had arrived.  There is very little to see here and you can just make out a circular shape on the ground.  It is mainly a different shade of grass that makes this site visible and a slight lump in the ground.

Difficulty – The only difficulty here is actually knowing you’re there.

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