Glendalough G, Bullaun Stone, Glendasan River, Co. Wicklow

Location – This is very close to where bullaun H sits on its side. 

OS: T 123 969 (map 56)
GPS: T 12311 96934 (Accuracy – 3m)
Longitude: 6° 19' 35.31" W
Latitude: 53° 0' 40.9" N

Description and History – My pictures are very poor for this little bullaun which is ticked into the river bed. On the day we were there the weather was too poor to climb into the river. But you can just make out the depression of the bullaun in the rock. There are a few more in the river that I didn’t spot, that I would like to return to find. 

Difficulty – This one is hard to spot and to get to unless you want to climb into the river