Knappogue, Standing Stones, Co. Clare.

Location – In a field next to the entrance to Knappogue Castle a few kilometres East of Newmarket-on-Fergus.
OS: R 440 719
GPS: R 44092 71973 (Accuracy – 2m)
Longitude: 8° 49' 44.14" W
Latitude: 52° 47' 45.32" N

Description and History – This is a wonderful collection of standing stones with an impressive view of Knappogue Castle in the background. Numbering four in total these stones all measure nearly 2 metres in height. Three are grouped together in a triangle formation and the fourth sits a couple of hundred metres away. It seems unrealistic that these stones are not part of something larger, although what that might be is pure speculation. Tom FourWinds at Megalithomania has postulated that these four stones might be the last remains of an ancient avenue. I think it would be fair to suggest that these stones are part of something larger that is now lost. These stones are also particularly beautiful and are made from a knobbly volcanic stone full of lumps, bumps and holes.

Difficulty – Located on private land so permission is always necessary. Easy to access as they are in a field next to the road, you just have to climb a fence.

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View of the first three stones as you enter the field.

The stone in the foreground has a lot of character. 

The fourth stone.

The group of three stones as viewed from the fourth.