Killeigh, Holy Well and Rag Tree, Co. Offaly.

Location – Just outside the village of Killeigh. 
OS: N 363 183 (map 54)
Longitude: 7° 27' 23.66" W
Latitude: 53° 12' 50.05" N
See map at the bottom of the page.

Description and History – Known at the ‘seven blessed wells of Killeigh’ this is a nice little site. It has been restored recently and cleaned up but the original structure is largely preserved. A dry stone wall channels a small stream that emerges from a natural spring. There are reportedly seven natural springs in the vicinity. St. Senchell the Elder founded an abbey nearby and his feast day is celebrated on March 26th. The water from the wells is supposed to cure eye ailments. This is a nice well and has a nice quiet atmosphere. The Archaeological Inventory for County Offaly says that there are architectural fragments from the former abbey in the vicinity but I couldn't find any of these. They must have been removed when the place was cleaned up. The rag tree is in use and many offerings are left there.

Difficulty – There is a place to park and a small walk to get to the site but it is easy enough. 

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View of the well as you approach from the pathway.

Odd stone seat and some architectural fragments.

Stone near the well. I don't know if this has any significance or not.

The rag tree.

より大きな地図で The Standing Stone を表示