Errill Church, Co, Laois.

Location – OS: S 222 780. Opposite from Ballagharahin wayside cross and N from Ballagharahin tower house.

Description and History – The present remains are of a medieval church but the site dates back to the early Christian period when a monastery was founded by St. Kieran.  Only grass covered wall footing remains of this foundation.  The medieval church is located in a graveyard and is 16.9m x 8.8m in size. A doorway remains in the S wall and a nice rounded window in the S wall.  Another window survives also.  Masonry has been reused as gravemarkers in the graveyard.  This site is a national monument...there are more deserving sites.

Difficulty – Located on the roadside and has ample parking.

Sorry about the slight blurry patches in the pictures.  It was raining on the day I was there.