Aghade, Holed Standing Stone (Cloc an Phoill), Co. Carlow.

Location – On the N81 S of Tullow and is signposted.  OS: S 846 695 (map 61).  There is a gap in the fence opposite the sign.  Go through this and the stone is at the edge of the field with an interpretive board.
Longitude: 6° 43' 11.03" W
Latitude: 52° 46' 10.87" N

Description and History – This standing stone is somewhat unusual and quite perplexing.  Equidistant from the top and sides is a hole, roughly 32cm in diameter, that goes through the stone.  The purpose of this hole is debated and may have been ritual based.  In more recent centuries babies were passed through the hole to cure illness.  There is evidence of a second stone suggesting that the present stone was part of a pair – the second stone is now lost.  However, it may not be in its original location.  The stone is rectangular and 2.4m high and 1.56m wide and 45cm deep.  It is recumbent but propped up by some rough stone walling.

Difficulty – Easy to find and not far from the road.  There is nowhere to park however apart from somebody’s driveway which I wouldn’t recommend.

Nearby sites:
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The walling at the back holding up the stone. This walling looks old itself.