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Tuesday, 20th April, 2021: We are still working on video content, and now have 6 '90 Second Guides', which you can find in the videos tab. We are planning an initial series of 10 videos, and we will run another series next year. There are plans for other video content as well, but exactly what form that should take we are still undecided. Soon we should also have our first guest-post in nearly five years, which is very exciting, and I look forward to seeing what our guests have to offer. 

There are some issues with font sizing on some of the menus at the moment, and we will sort them soon I hope, but it doesn't affect functionality. 

Sunday, 7th February, 2021: I have neglected this news section for far too long, and I noticed that it has been over two years since I updated. In that time though, not much has happened. With work, and family life there simply wasn't the time to do much visiting to places and for updating the site...then Covid happened. 2020 was spent largely in lockdown, and I was off work for over 4 months. I'm off work again now. But, it has given us time to really look at the site and see what was working, and what wasn't. So you'll see we have a completely new look, and have streamlined the pages. There were some pages that simply weren't relevant anymore, so we deleted them. Also, the nature of blogging has changed significantly. Social media is where people interact so we have focused on building our social media reach, and are now on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and as of this week, YouTube. We have started creating video content and this Wednesday we are launching the first episode of out '90 Second Guides' series which are intended to introduce people to sites, and teach them the basics in 90 seconds. Hopefully these videos will be fun, informative, and shareable. Not bad on a budget of zero. This doesn't mean that we have abandoned the website, far from it. Rather, we are diversifying across the internet, but the blog will always be here with new posts regularly from now on. When Covid finally comes to an end we shall hit the road again and start visiting new places! 

Stay safe...

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