Carrowkeel, Cairn H, Co. Sligo.

Location – A bit further up the hill from cairn G and is visible from here. Bring a GPS to be sure.
OS: G 753 119 (map 25)
Longitude: 8° 22' 37.93" W
Latitude: 54° 3' 19.25" N
GPS: G 75301 11870 (Accuracy: 4m)

Description and History
– This tomb has unfortunately collapsed and you can’t get inside any more but the entrance is really impressive. Large stones form the entrance which is more exposed than that in cairn G but it has shifted somewhat and now tilts to one side with the larger lintel stone slightly out of place. Based on this I would hazard a guess that the collapsed chamber was also impressive but you can never really tell.

Difficulty – As with all sites at Carrowkeel this site is tricky but worthwhile.

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