October 2009.

Tuesday, 20th October, 2009:  I will be updating the glossary pages and 'Sites by County' pages on Friday 23rd October.  I apologise in advance for clogging up your readers for the day but these are necessary updates that will make the site easier to navigate.  The 'Sites by Category' page will also be updated in November. 

Saturday, 17th  October, 2009:  So Carlow is out for October.  I had hoped to get some Carlow sites uploaded before the month was out but that's not going to happen.  I won't be getting any visits in this weekend afterall.  I'm going to be overhauling the glossary soon which will involve publishing many new pages.  For anybody reading this site in a reader it will clog you up for a day.  I will let you know in advance when I do this but it will have to be done in one day so that the glossary will still work properly.  The glossary has got too big and it becoming a pain to scroll down through it so I will be creating separate pages for every letter of the alphabet so there will be 26 uploads in one day.  I will also be updating the 'Sites by County' and 'Sites by Category' pages in a similar fashion, but I will be doing these on different days and these won't be huge like the glossary.  No visits for a while now as I will be in England for a while but I will be going to see some megalithic sites while there and may do some posts about them.

Saturday, 10th October, 2009:  Couldn't make Carlow this weekend after.  While I was in Roscrea doing some shopping I stopped at a couple of small sitesOnly the Roscrea pillar eludes me now which I won't be able to see until April because the museum has shut for the winter due to cut backs.  Next weekend I should be off to Tipperary on Saturday and Carlow on Sunday all being well.  This week I will be posting up Charleville castle and Clonony castle in Offaly.  They are both interesting places and these will be more substantial posts than the ones I have been doing lately.

Thursday, 8th October, 2009: I've update the posts on the Timoney Stones and Cullaun with new information and pictures.  I have also begun to add longitude and latitude refs to all the posts.  I have have adjusted about half of the posts now and will get around to the other half in the next couple of days.  I'm also wirking a some mire substabtial posts for the next few weeks.  I have been somewhat restricted of time as of late and therefore have been uploading some smaller sites.  Hopefully off to Carlow this weekend and will get a couple of Carlow sites uploaded soon.

Monday, 5th October, 2009:  This weekend was full of interesting visits.  Castlecuffe fortified house in Laois will be a welcome addition to the site as will an array of other sites.  I revisited the Timoney stones and those at Cullaun and saw many more this time and found that many of the stones for pairs and have either a N-S or an E-W alignment.  We then went and saw a few interesting barrows and a ringfort and I finally got to see the standing stone at Newtown/Skirk which I have failed to see on multiple occasions...turns out I was slightly in the wrong place which I will explain when I finally post about it.  I've also updated the header to the website which I think suits it much better.  Feedback is always welcome. I will also be updating the Timoney and Cullaun pages soon with much more information and theories about the sites.

Friday, 2nd October, 2009:  I will be off to see something this weekend but I have no idea what yet.  I will have company so it might be revisits and I'm thinking of maybe going back to the Timoney stones and to see the stones at Cullaun.  I still  haven't seen half of what's there so that might be worthwhile.  Also I am intending to update all posts soon to include longitude and latitude as well as links to nearby sites.  In the long run I hope to add GPS co-ordinates.

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