May 2010.

Tuesday, 11th May, 2010: I haven't been out to many places lately.  It's a busy time at work so it will be a few weeks before I get around to going to places again.  In site related news I am updating some of the earliest pages created on the site.  Over time I have changed the format and have resolved spacing issues and these changes need applying to old pages.  I will do a little each day and will be replacing pictures with hi-res versions and adding maps and additional co-ordinates.  I will also be sorting out the final spacing issues that are still on a few pages.  This will take a few weeks and will not effect your ability to browse the site...only enhance it.

Sunday, 2nd May, 2010:  I had planned to go to Laois this weekend but I had a special request to cover Bodenstown in Co. Kildare so we went there instead.  We covered a lot of ground and saw some really fantastic stuff.  The round tower was finally open in Kildare town so we started there and saw all the wonderful things there within the walls of the graveyard.  The Cathedral is an absolute gem and they really present it well.  We then went down to Old Kilcullen and saw the remains if the round tower and crosses.  It is such a peaceful place and was a great place to have our sandwiches and a cup of tea.  We pressed onto Punchestown and saw the two mammoth standing stones there.  I had wanted to get to these for some time and I was delighted to finally get to them.  The final stop of the day was Bodenstown and the grave of Theobald Wolfe Tone.  I could help but feel national pride rushing to the surface here.  Hopefully Laois next weekend.