August, 2010.

Saturday, 21st August, 2010: I cheated and went to see a couple of sites today. As you know I'm busy at work for the next month and I'm not getting out to see places but I decided that I would go mad if I didn't get out and decided that every Saturday I would go for a walk for a few hours so I headed over to Lough Gur and walked around the stone circles and wandered over to the stone forts at Carraig Aille. I had known they were there but had always missed them or driven past so it was great to finally get to them. Plus, you can't really cover Lough Gur properly without these cashels. I also spotted a standing stone not far from the Lough that is un-marked so I was pretty happy to find that.

Wednesday, 18th August, 2010: After a lovely holiday in the South of France I am finally back in Ireland and finally back online. I will add a new site tomorrow and try to make up for lost time. I will be uploading Rathcroghan in Co. Roscommon soon which has eleven sites (that's all I managed to get to) so that will be plenty hopefully. Come October I will be out and about again and trying to reach my visit goals for the year which I am nearly at. Only about another 40 places to get to.

Monday, 1st August, 2010: Well there will be no updates for two weeks. I am away for the next fortnight and will not be online. Sorry about this but there's plenty to see now on the site. Have fun and I will look forward to getting some site updates done in a fortnight. Bye for now...

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