The Bullaun Stones, Holy Island, Co. Clare.

Location – These are all in three separate locations around the island. The first pair is located midway between the main complex of buildings and St. Mary’s church.
OS: R 699 850 (map 58)
Longitude: 8° 26' 51.01" W
Latitude: 52° 54' 54.17" N

The second stone is located next to a shed a short distance from the Confessional.

The last stone is in the water and to find this follow the path to the water from the Confessional and follow the shore to the left and you should be able to spot the stone a few meters out. It is one the larger stones.
OS: R 700 851 (map 58)
Longitude: 8° 26' 45.69" W
Latitude: 52° 54' 57.42" N

Description and History – While there are many bullauns on Holy Island I was only able to locate four of them. Two are located next to each other in the middle of a field, one is by a shed and the other is actually in the water and is tough to get to. The first pair are partially buried with one being almost covered up by the earth. These are both large stones with depressions of about 40cm in width. The stone near the shed is probably not in its original location and looks to have been moved. This is a much smaller stone and could almost fit into the holes in the first pair. The final and most impressive stone is actually in the water and requires patience to find. It’s a large stone with a small hole carved near the edge of the top and is well worth seeing as you will find few bullauns like this one.

Difficulty – The pair and stone by the shed are easy to get to while the one in the water is quite difficult.

 The above are the pair of bullauns located next to each other in the open ground.

The above three pictures are of the bullaun by the shed.

The bullaun in the water really is something special to go and see.