St. Caiman's Church, Holy Island, Co. Clare.

Location – Part of the main cluster of churches.
OS: R 699 850 (map 58)
Longitude: 8° 26' 51.01" W
Latitude: 52° 54' 54.17" N

Description and History – This is a nice little church with a beautiful Romanesque doorway which is one of the highlights of the island. This is the only roofed structure on the island and it is a modern reconstruction. Inside are many cross-slabs and cross fragments but the gate was locked so I couldn’t get a close look at these. This church was ordered to be built by Brian Boru in 1000AD. To me a connection to such an important figure in Irish history makes this a special place.

Difficulty – As this is so central to the complex on the island this is the easiest of the churches to get to and view.

 St. Caiman's church as viewed from the Confessional.

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