Castletown, Church, Co. Tipperary.

Location – Near the shores of Lough Derg, near Castletown fortified house. Not listed on the OS map.
OS: R 735 815 (map 59)
Longitude: 8° 23' 37.31" W
Latitude: 52° 53' 1.62" N
GPS: R 73481 81458 (Accuracy – 10m)
See map at the bottom of the page.

Description and History – As with the nearby castle, it was the end of the day when we arrived here by accident and a grave was being dug at the time we were there so we decided to leave them to it and not disturb them. This is a small late medieval church in surprisingly good repair. Most churches that I visit from this era are just walls covered in ivy. This has had some restoration work done to it and is easily accessible. The church is listed in the Royal Book of Visitations and lists a Daniel Kennedy as the vicar in the 17th century, although when in the century I don’t know. This is a lovely little ruin and very well kept.

Difficulty – Not listed on the OS map. Ample parking.

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Tony Mulraney said...

Very nice series of shots, a well kept ruin by the look of it.
Re scregg very easy to find follow the map and parking not bad (a couple of places you can pull in}.
Expect to be watched from a near house if you climb up to the tomb.

Luke McInerney said...

Castletownarra church appears in the papal letters several times in the 15th century. At that time the vicarage was held by members of the O'Malamphy family who are still represented locally in the area, and the O'Hogans, who were an important airchinneach (ernagh) family in Tipperary (especially at Ardchrony church). For more information on Gaelic clerics who appear in the papal letters in the old lordship of Thomond, see my book: