Tomb 19, Passage Tomb, Carrowmore, Co. Sligo.

Location – Further along the road from tomb 15 on the right hand side on a little rise next to a modern quarry.

Description and History – Apart from the reconstructed Listoghil cairn this is the largest remaining tomb at Carrowmore and consists of a circle of 44 stones. Some of these stones have slipped into the quarry but have been placed back in their original location in recent years. Only two stones, places at right angles to each other, are all that remains of the central tomb. It looks like a stone circle but it is a kerb of a now lost tomb. Radio-carbon dates place this tomb at around 3950 B.C.  During excavation five stone balls were found as well as a small inner circle of stones.

Difficulty – In a large field with a stile to gain access.

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