Castledermot, Round Tower, Co. Kildare.

Description and History – This is a very nice and a very unusual round tower.  Built in the 10th century this tower is on the N side of where the original church was which is unusual as round towers are usually built on the W side of churches. It is also unusual in that the entrance is at ground level and not some meters up as is usually the case.  The entrance is now concealed by a corridor connecting it to the more modern church.  The appearance is also unusual and appears to be made of small cobbles.  There is possible an underlying structure of larger stones which was later refaced with the cobbles set into mortar. The tower now stands at 20m in height but the top is not original.  Battlements were added at an unknown date.

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View of the battlements.

Viewed from the E.

One of the many windows on the round tower.