Lackagh More, Church, Co. Kildare.

Location – Not far from the old N7 which is now the R445.
OS: N 677 127 (map 55)
Longitude: 6° 59' 12.64" W
Latitude: 53° 9' 41.03" N
GPS: N 67759 12799 (Accuracy: 6m)
See map at the bottom of the page.  

Description and History – This church and graveyard holds some personal significance for me as it is where my family’s grave plot is and this is where I’m likely to end up...not for many many years yet I hope. Lackagh has ancient roots and local tradition holds that the present graveyard is on the site of ancient and pagan burial ground. Lackagh was also the last area of land to have been held by the Uí Fhailí after their lands were taken by the Ui Neill. The remaining church, however, is relatively modern and probably dates to the late medieval period or early modern period. I’m not sure of the date and there is little written about this church but I will do some research. The church is very simple and small with some of the plaster still in situ. A small fireplace sits under the bell tower which still has the wooden frame and pulleys in place. Wooden lintels and window frames are also in place. It appears as if this church has only been abandoned in the past century. The bell tower is very ornate and your eye is drawn up to it as it dominates the church. It is a picturesque church in a picturesque graveyard.
Difficulty – Easy to park at and get around.

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View as you enter the graveyard.
As viewed from the rear of the graveyard.
I think this is a wonderful bell tower.
The main entrance to the church.
Triple window at the rear of the church.
Memorial to those who were sent away to be slaves by Oliver Cromwell.
The inner workings of the bell tower.
Open to the elements the plaster is slowly crumbling off the walls.
Internal view of the triple window.
The small fireplace.
View The Standing Stone in a larger map