Newtown/Skirk, Churches, Co. Laois.

Location – OS: S229 848.  The remains of the two churches are located right next to the road and cannot be missed.  The nearby henge can be seen from the remains in the field to the south.

Longitude: 7° 39' 34.39" W
Latitude: 52° 54' 48.98" N

Description and History – There are two churches at this site, both in a ruinous state.  The oldest collapsed in 1835 and now only consists of the E gable and portions of the S wall.  Now lost, there was a stone that was inscribed with the date 1612 which may give us a construction date.  The other church, later in date, is not listed in the Archaeological Inventory for County Laois so I can only assume that it 18th or 19th century in date.  This church appears to be in good condition apart from its missing roof.  However, it is closed to the public and locked up.

Difficulty – Easy to find and navigate.

Nearby Sites:
Newtown/Skirk henge, standing stone and motte and bailey.
The Timoney stones.
Cullaun standing stones.

View from the nearby henge.