Temple Finghin and Round Tower, Clonmacnoise, Co. Offaly.

Location – In the main Clonmacnoise site.
OS: N 010 307 (map 47)
Longitude: 7° 59' 5.37" W
Latitude: 53° 19' 36.85" N
GPS: N 01011 30737 (Accuracy: 7m)

Description and History – The last time I was here and taking photos it was, like Temple Ciaran, wrapped in plastic and under conservation. I went back recently and it was finished and I took plenty of new shots. The only thing I dislike of the work they did is the big piece of ugly lead over the glorious Romanesque window. It really detracts from the artwork but at least it helps to prevent weathering. This structure dates to between 1160 and 1170 and is in the Romanesque style and measures 14m x 6m. Part of structure is later in date and was put into replace stone damaged by fire. The tower is part of the churches structure and contemporary with it. It is not as big as the other tower at Clonmacnoise.

Difficulty – This structure is the one nearest to the river and it can get a little boggy down there. Still easy though.

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The above photos were taken when the structure was being worked on. The pictures below were taken after this work was finished.

Lovely arch but that lead is ugly.

The remains of what was surely a beautiful doorway.

The second Romanesque arch.

Small window in the E wall.