July, 2010.

Sunday, 25th July, 2010: What a day! Yesterday was fantastic. It was the Megalithomania-meet-up we decided to go to Rath Croghan in Co. Roscommon which was where the kings of Connaught had their throne. We met at the visitors centre, had a coffee and got acquainted. We then went to the main mound of Rath Croghan which is simply immense. It is not very high but is extremely wide. The weather was poor at this stage, as was visibility but it soon cleared up and turned into a nice day. There are some other colossal mounds and raths around that we visited and visible from each was RathCroghan which is the focal point of all these other locations. The highlight of the day for me was the souterrain...which is basically a man-made underground tunnel. This one was pretty spacious and had ogham inscriptions on the inside. It was quite long and deep and dropped to about 4m underground and ended in a large cave. I only went down about half way before the light ran out and I didn't fancy going down further in the dark...I should have made my way to the bottom with the others who had the lamp. I will be going back here and I will make sure that I get to the bottom. Apparently it goes further beyond the cave but gets too muddy at that stage. Great day out and great to meet everyone I knew from the Megalithomania.com forums.

Friday, 23rd July, 2010: Well I'm not getting as much posted up as I would like but at least it's fairly regular at the moment. I hope to post something every day next week as I will not be posting at all for the first three weeks of August as I will be away and completely offline. When I get back I will then be in the last month of getting my PhD wrapped up so I will be extremely busy. However, I will be posting up stuff again on a semi-regular basis so if it seems quiet around here for a few weeks I haven't disappeared and the site hasn't finished...I'm just very busy. Towards the end of September work pressures will ease a little and things will return to normal and I will be able to get out and about again and see some sites. There's plenty I want to get to. I had set some rough targets at the beginning of the year in terms of how many places I wanted to visit this year and how much I wanted to have updated the website and all being well I should reach this target. Luckily at the start of the year I saw so many sites that I've only few left to get to to reach that target.

Tomorrow, thanks to Tom FourWinds, there is a gathering of 'Megalithomaniacs' in Roscommon. We're going to explore the ancient complex, Rathcroghan, and it should be a fun day. I will post up stuff next week from this day out and Roscommon will now be part of 'The Standing Stone'. Although there will only be a limited amount of places listed for a good while.

Wednesday, 7th July, 2010: Finally, I'm back and can start making some well needed updates. I will have something up tomorrow morning I hope.