February 2010.

28th February, 2010:  Yesterday I went off to Duntryleague and saw the passage tomb.  What a site...great views and a wonderful tomb.  I think I spent about an hour up there.  Also went off to Tipperary and saw a very nice court and wedge tomb and will get these posted up when I can.  I'm glad I got out to these places as I felt the ancient sites on the Standing Stone were lacking somewhat and these will vastly improve that aspect of the site. Laois next weekend...churches and castles!

23rd February, 2010:  This weekend it's back to Limerick and then off to Tipperary.  I'm going to climb Duntryleague mountain to see the remains of a passage tomb up there and them it's off to see some wedge and court tombs in Limerick.  It's all ancient this weekend.  Over the next few weeks I am planning to get to some castles, barrows and churches in Laois and I also want to get back to Carlow so see some more standing stones and more of the abundance of fine churches they have done there.  I've got Offaly and Tipperary sites coming out of my ears at the moment so there will be no shortage of those appearing on the site.  But I'm running low on Laois and Carlow sites so they will be a focus for a bit...with the occasional trip to Limerick.

17th February, 2010:  Limerick has landed on The Standing Stone.  It has happened much earlier that I anticipated which is great but the time was opportune!  Of course, there is just one site listed at the moment but I have another dozen in the waiting and have planned some more trips to Limerick sites in the coming months.

14th February, 2010:  I made it up to Lough Gur today and wow what a place! I arrived to find that the Lough was trapped in a bubble of fog.  I started at the main stone circle at Grange which is the largest in Ireland.  It is right by the road but with the fog I felt like I was miles from anywhere.  I managed to find my way to a nearby circle and two standing stones.  When the fog cleared I made my way around the Lough to a nice church and wedge tomb.  I went up to see some hut sites and found a nice cave that was the entrance to Tir na nOg in Irish mythology.  A great place to visit and one place to which I will be going back multiple times. First Limerick site will be added this week.

12th February, 2010: I think this has been the longest that I have not had any news to post up.  You may have noticed that the updated have been on the slow side as of late.  Between family and work commitments I have been short on time so I haven't been doing that much with the website.  Luckily the family visitors have the same history passion as I so we spent 3 days roaming around the country side looking at various ruins.  I took them to Clonmacnoise which is always a delight to revisit. I photographed the site in detail this time so I will look forward to posting that up.  I also revisited many sites recently to take GPS co-ordinates which I will edit into their respective pages soon.  The three days of roaming took us to some very interesting sites which will be welcome additions to the site.  I devoting a couple of days in the next few weeks to just getting things sorted on the website so I will fix some of the linking problems and get plenty of posts ready to go.  Keep tuning in.

I  am also going to add a few sites in Co. Limerick soon as well.  I'm not fully adding the county to the site but as I work in Limerick I have been to a few sites and it makes sense to add them to the site.  I won't be spending much time in the Limerick country side so I won't be adding sites as often as Laois, Tipperary and Carlow.  I'm spending the day around Lough Gur so I will have plenty of interesting sites to write about.